My earliest memories of the Church was when I was 5 years old. I remember one Sunday walking up to the pastor of the church I attended and told him that I wanted to be saved from my sin. I was baptized in the days following and received my very first KJV Bible, which I still have today. I’m not entirely sure if, at the time, I completely understood the significance of what I was doing, but I do distinctly remember the feeling of importance behind the act.

Shortly after, my family moved to a new city and left the church. After the move I grew up without any Godly influence or Biblical understanding. I briefly attended church when I was a teenager but that didn’t last long. I joined the military when I graduated high school, and started my newly adult life with no foundation and next to zero Biblical interest. I made almost every mistake you could possibly make as a young adult in a new world and it’s a miracle that I was even able to keep my job. It wasn’t until a few years ago, after I married my wife and adopted my two sons (one of which who is disabled and suddenly became very medically fragile) that my entire life flipped upside down. Hospitalizations, insurance battles, medical status changes, job jeopardy, marriage problems all plagued my life. I wasn’t sure if my marriage was going to last and I started performing poorly at work.

During one of my sons hospitalizations, I randomly brought my Bible with me, and at my near breaking point, I decided to make a commitment to read everyday, regardless if I understood what I was reading. I thought the answers to all my problems would be somewhere in the texts and just took it by faith.

My situation did not improve and things were as unstable as ever. But though my current situation did not change, what I discovered was worth more than gold. My studies lead me to Bible prophecy where I became increasingly interested in the topic, and it was there that I learned of the sovereignty of God, the good news of Jesus Christ, and the blessed hope of the promise of an eternal future with Him, where my pain and suffering in this world would come to an end. I actually rediscovered my love for Jesus Christ through the study of the prophetic passages, and since, I have devoted all my time to the prophetic studies. Bible prophecy actually points to Jesus Christ:

  • For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev 19:10 nasb

When people ask me why I study Bible prophecy my answer is always the same: “I study Bible prophecy because it helps me see where we are at on God’s prophetic timeline, and when I see current events playing out in our world today in light of the prophetic passages, I am able find comfort and hope in a broken world knowing that His soon return is right around the corner.”

Matt is currently and active duty member of the United States military with 12 years of service. During his time in the military he served as a Search and Rescue Operator, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Drug interdiction on the High Seas, Ship Navigator, and a Christian Lay Leader. Matt has traveled to 16 different countries in Central and South America. He is an inspiring theologist with a special interest in Eschatology. Matt has earned certificates in multiple areas of biblical studies including: Bible Prophecy under the School of Prophets Institute, Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible, and The Arab-Israeli Conflict From 1948 to Present.

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