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America at the End of Empire

From the article:

“Is civilizational decline inevitable? If history is any measure, then yes. Only the kingdom of God lasts forever. The question before us now, though, is this: is America’s decline reversible”


Could Syria Trigger War Between Israel and Russia?

From the article:

Yet Israel’s policy boils down to this: it will do whatever it sees as necessary to eject Iranian forces from Syria And if Russia doesn’t like it, then that’s just the price of ensuring that Syria doesn’t become another Iranian rocket base on Israel’s border


China plans to invite Palestinians and Israelis for talks – report

From the article:

China has offered itself several times in the past as an alternative to the United States when it comes to mediating between Israelis and Palestinians


Suez Canal blockage is delaying an estimated $400 million an hour in goods

From the article:

“Many companies continue to struggle with supply chain congestion and delays stemming from the pandemic”


EU supports Israel on Golan at UNHRC as Agenda Item 7 opposition grows

From the article:

“Israel’s Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi attacked the UNHRC on Twitter, stating that it had “once again proven itself to be an anti-Israel, discriminatory, and hypocritical body.


Is Islam the future of a fatiscent Russia?

From the article:

The fear of an Islamic overtaking is grafted onto all of this. Henry Kissinger explained it well: “Russia feels strategically threatened by a demographic nightmare on the border with China

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